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Frequently Asked Questions by Parents/Carers and Professionals

"Paediatrician has requested a referral to WTT"

 As we are an education based service any requests for WTT consultation will come from SENCOs and/or Head Teachers and in collaboration with families. 

 "Parent/Carers have requested a referral to WTT"

Settings and parents will consult if WTT are the right service for support. SENCOs can then request a meeting with their WTT link team member to discuss concerns.

"Who can refer?"

SENCOs/Head Teachers/Principles of Mainstream primary, Secondary and college. All support requests must be discussed with WTT through a consultation first to identify the best way forward.  If you're unsure please see our 'About us' page

 "Do you work directly with families/children?"

Our remit is to empower settings and families by working directly with setting professionals in supporting their children/young people within education. 

As they are the people that will be there day to day, it is essential that they are delivering any strategies needed. 

"Where/Who can I contact to get help at home?"

Discuss your concerns with the SENCO at school. They will be able to signpost you to the services available. You could also explore the Lincolnshire Autism Information Hub for information on local support groups. 

 "We don't see any concerns in school but parents report behaviours at home"

This is a common statement. Having a discussion with your WTT link team member may help pinpoint any areas of concern

"What does ADOS mean?"

Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule. This is the tool currently used for diagnosing and assessing autism in Lincolnshire. 

 "How do I go about getting a diagnosis for my child?"

You will need to speak to the school SENCO. This process has recently changed and GPs can no longer refer. Community Paediatrics ask that schools complete the referrals which are then triaged.

"How long does it take to receive a diagnosis?"

This can depend on waiting lists within the County you live in. In the first instance discuss this with your SENCO or GP to get an idea of how long this will be.

"My child attends a school in Leicestershire but with a Lincolnshire address. Can we refer to WTT for support?"

WTT are commissioned to support Lincolnshire maintained mainstream schools and academies and therefore out of county schools do not fall within our role. Different Counties have their own specialist support services. Please contact your school SENCO to discuss accessing the right support

"I've spoken to my child's setting but I don't feel they are recognising his/her needs"

Autistic children often have a very different presentation across home and school. If you've spoken to their class staff, arrange a conversation with the SENCO. If you still feel stuck, contact WTT for a conversation.  (Lincolnshire mainstream settings only)

"Our school/family do not feel the child's needs can be met in the current setting-can WTT help?"

WTT's role is to empower mainstream settings to meet the needs of autistic children/young people and those with social communication differences. Our focus will be on the child's strengths and what they need in order to succeed, wherever they attend school.