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Different Together

Unique Together

Working Together.

Inclusion for Children & Young People in Lincolnshire

The Working Together Team is a National Autistic Society Advanced Status Accredited Service. We advocate best practice and provide specialist support to empower mainstream settings to ensure autistic children & young people thrive through collaborative working with families and professionals.

3 Key Areas of Difference


Social Understanding and Communciation

Differences in understanding social behaviour and the feelings of others, which informs the development of friendships and relationships.

Flexibility, Information Processing and Understanding

Differences in perception, planning, understanding concepts, predicting, managing transitions, passions for interests, and ability to absorb auditory or spoken information.

Sensory Processing and Integration

Differences in perceiving sensory information. Hypo, hyper, touch, sight, hearing, small, castle, vestibular inner ear and proprioceptive.

Upcoming Events

The young person is at the heart of every decision. This is evident from the very start of the referral process through to supporting settings to embed person centred strategies that enable autistic young people to succeed in mainstream school settings.

NAS Accreditation Review Team

Thank you so much your passion and experience are infectious


It was a real privilege to be on the course and have the support my family have received from the team. Thank you.

Parent on Teen Life Course

Your reports are really detailed and I really appreciate the time you have taken to do these for us.

Early Years Lead in a Primary school

Thank you all again for the programme. I really enjoyed it and found it so helpful, I'd go as far as to say life changing!!

Parent on Teen Life Course

Thanks again for such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable presentation. It really made them think!


A really engaging and inspiring session. It was great to see and hear so much passion for inclusion

School leader

Your wisdom and expertise is massively valued