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The EarlyBird Plus programme is for families of autistic children aged four to nine years old to equip parents and carers to develop a greater understanding of their child’s needs, following a diagnosis.

The programme empowers parents and professionals to understand more about autism and the needs of the autistic children they support.

The programme also aims to develop & nurture a consistent approach across both home and school settings. We encourage parents and carers to attend the sessions with a professional who is working regularly with their child, if this is possible.

Topics include: 

  • Communication and Interaction 
  • Sensory Processing differences
  • Using structure to support the autistic child in a range of settings and situations
  • Developing social skills
  • Understanding and supporting the child’s behaviour
  • Problem solving. 

Feedback from recent programmes

I have loved meeting other parents who are in similar positions to me and to be able to chat, complain, encourage one another! It’s great as this is the first community I have been involved in with other parents in the same position as me. (Parent)

It has been great to learn new things to put into practice for her and how I can help others understand her too, including family helpers. (Parent)

I also loved the small group on the course, it allowed us to feel a part of each other’s journey. I have already signposted two more of my parents to the Early Bird Course! (Professional)

If you would like further information and an application pack, please email

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