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Teen Life is a six-session programme for parents/carers of autistic young people aged 10 to 16 years. The aim of the Teen Life programme is to bring parents together to share information, experiences and ideas in a structured way. Teen Life emphasises the importance of autistic perspectives, with a variety of videos and quotes used throughout the sessions.

Parents can choose to attend the programme with a supporting professional. Our programme empowers parents to understand more about autism.

Topics covered include: 

  • understanding autism in teenagers
  • self-esteem and spending time with other people
  • stress and anxiety
  • understanding your diagnosis
  • puberty and independence
  • education and planning for the future.

If you would like further information and an application pack, please email


How is the NAS Teenlife programme delivered to parents/carers?

The Working Together Team are licensed facilitators of the Teenlife programme

 ➢ Sessions are delivered virtually, via Teams, or Face-to-Face (parents/carers can indicate their preference on application)

➢ Meetings last for 2.5 hours if online, and for 3 hours when Face-to-Face

➢ Up to six families can attend and meet for 6 weekly sessions

Who can I bring with me?

➢ Each family are allocated 2 places for the ‘family’ and 1 for a supporting professional , if appropriate (e.g. SENCO, a teaching assistant who works with your child on a regular basis)

➢ All 3 places do not need to be filled to access the programme – some parents attend alone, others bring a grandparent or friend for support

➢ It will not always be possible for a professional to attend with you (depending on the capacity of any education setting to release staff) and you may not feel that this is necessary.


Do I need to attend all of the sessions?

➢ We appreciate that attending this programme is a big commitment (6 weekly sessions) and so it may not be right for your family at this time.

➢ It is important that you try and attend every session, as the discussions build from week to week and the intention is to build a mutually supportive group

➢ The strength of the programme is the knowledge and confidence parents gain around understanding their child’s autism and the relationships that are built as support is offered to each other.

Can I bring my younger child with me? Does my child need to come with me?

➢ The sessions are for you to develop your confidence about autism and meeting your child’s needs. The children do not attend with you.

➢ Unfortunately, there is no childcare available at any of the Face to Face sessions for your younger children.

➢ To get the most out of the programme your focus really needs to be on engaging with the sessions – listening to others, offering support and reflecting on how the advice and guidance may be applied to your child and family.

How much does this cost?

➢ The programme is offered for FREE, although we do ask for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of the resources (parent workbook – which is yours to keep)

➢ A ‘guide’ to this financial contribution is detailed in the accompanying information with the application form