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Outreach for Education

Support from WTT will vary depending on the settings strengths and areas to develop and the unique presentation of the child/young person.

1. Access Core training-currently this is the AET Making sense of Autism module and must be up to date for all staff before asking for more individualised support.

2. Explore and discuss bespoke/themed training for enhancing your settings development, how you have implemented and reflected on the strategies you have used from it prior to further discussions and individualised support.

3. Initial consultation-setting can discuss the current concerns, what they have already implemented and the impact this has had.

4. WTT will then advise on next steps-this may be assessment, targeted support or to come and explore examples of best practise within a setting in order to develop whole school provision further. 

Click on the images below to explore each area of difference in more detail and support from WTT