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WTT work to support the individual setting so that they can successfully meet the needs of autistic children and young people/those with social communication differences. 

The team are very knowledgeable about best practice in supporting autistic pupils in mainstream education. They are committed to seeking to overcome obstacles to autistic pupils being included in mainstream schools. They recognise the importance of empowering and skilling up staff in mainstream schools. The team is established as a source of expertise in educating autistic pupils in mainstream settings” NAS Accreditation 2019

Whole setting development

Autism Education Trust Training for Early Years/Schools and Post-16 providers-National training and CPD Accredited. Making sense of autism, Good autism practice, Suite of resources for leaders, Autism and exclusions and Autism and Anxiety.

Bespoke training open to professionals and families- autism and sensory integration differences, Social Stories, Comic Strip conversations, Autism, girls and masking, Supporting a profile of Demand avoidance, Inference training.

Contribution to setting/cluster parent communities e.g. Parent SEN coffee morning



Whole setting, class or cohort needs -looking at how staff can support multiple autism/social communication differences within one class or cohort. 

A planning meeting looks over our caseload in your setting and enables us to plan with you for the year ahead and also consider any whole setting needs for training in house and any CYP you are starting to have concerns about. These usually happen in the Autumn term but can be called at any time you feel we need to review.


Support for families

Families can access autism workshops from WTT-please see our calendar for upcoming events and booking details.

Helpline-Each member of the team has a designated Helpline time during the week. If you are unsure who you need to speak to, please use the Contact Us page to enquire and we will put you in touch with the appropriate member of our team.

Collaborative working with the setting and other agencies

Support for settings relating to an individual CYP needs

Support through the WTT Ladder focuses on one CYP and situation where you feel needs are within Autism/social communication and have some concerns about meeting those needs. We work together to understand the context and work out a course of action to support you and you're setting to address those concerns and collaborate on ways forward.